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Solo albums & EPs

2015 ANNO (EP, self-released)
2015 The Door Into Summer (album, self-released)
2013 The Path Described (3Leaves)
2013 The Gilded Engine (album, compilation of tracks 2010-2013, self-released)
2012 Hypericum (album, self-released)
2010 Before & After Sleep (album, compilation of tracks 2008-2009, self-released)
2010 Projections Of Loss (EP, self-released)

Maurilia Sound Studio editions

2016 MSS VOLUME 4: Goyder's Line (self-released)
2015 MSS VOLUME 3: The Pages (single track, self-released)
2015 MSS VOLUME 2: Beacons (single track, self-released)
2015 MSS VOLUME 1: Holocene (single track, self-released)

Sound Installation editions

2015 Sound Installation: Pink Twine (2005) (self-released)
2013 Sound Installation: Wentworth Visitation (2013) (self-released)

Live Recordings

2015 Live Performance Volume 2: Dunedin, 2010 (self-released)
2014 Live Performance Volume 1: Wheatsheaf, 2014 (self-released)
2014 Live at COMA, 2011 (COMA)
2012 Anti-Laptop Music Event I (Pimpmelon Bootlegs)


2016 Ghost Moth - Demo (self-released)
2014 Great Panoptique Winter - Wildness (Sounds In Silence)
2013 Panoptique Electrical - Mount Schank (PE)


2011 Asleep on red earth, under bright stars. (Kaldor Art Projects)
2010 New Weird Australia Volume 4 (New Weird Australia)


2010 TLR & little-scale - Improvisation with Field Recordings Vol.1 (self-released)

ANNO (self-released, December 2015; FLAC, mp3)

1. Vitti
2. Isola
3. Ombra del vento
4. Invisible al cuore


The Door Into Summer (self-released, February 2015; FLAC, mp3)

1. This Gilded Engine
2. Maurilia
3. Swathe of Opiates
4. Artesian Pulse
5. Red Eyes
6. The Door Into Summer


Maurilia Sound Studio Editions (self-released; FLAC, mp3)


Great Panoptique Winter - Wildness (Sounds Like Sweeney, September 2014; FLAC, mp3)

1. Put Hope In Future Days
2. Wildness
3. How The Sun Leaves
4. Oram
5. Whiteout
6. Cold Moments Melt


The Path Described (3LEAVES, December 2013; CD digipack)

It's recorded beautifully and I can only assume that listeners engaged in the art of field recordings will enjoy it quite a bit. - Just outside

The Path Described is a sonic souvenir of a specific Australian peninsula, an evocative recreation of aural memory, and a universal invitation. The world beckons. An open window is not enough. - a closer listen

3LEAVES Webshop

1. Fleurieu W. (Across Two Bays)
2. Fleurieu E. (Across Two Islands)
3. Alexandrina Flux

Album preview:

There is an otherworldly quality to the field recordings of Tristan Louth-Robins, which is, of course, entirely the wrong word. They are intrinsically of this world. Within them we may distinguish a familiar birdsong or aural backdrop, the usual but usually unregarded mutterings of the world as it is – a messy, frontier place full of strange cohabitants, marked by vibrant incongruences. And, yet, something not quite of this world pertains. Nostalgia – a remembrance of things past – is an important emotion for Louth-Robins, and it may be this that infuses these recordings with an essence that takes the listener beyond the quotidian. There is no mistaking Louth-Robins’ affinity with the places he documents, shaped by ineradicable personal connections with the landscapes of South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula. If these recordings take us back to the natural world, to the coastlines and cliffs and epic ranges and waterways for which the region is noted, then they also transport us back in time. They open a window not only onto a realm rich with human activity thousands of years before the name of a Frenchman was assigned to it, but also onto the story of an individual and how he first heard the world around him. - Ben Brooker


Textura (Canada, January 2014) 
Fluid Radio (UK, December 2013) 
Just outside (France, November 2013)
a closer listen (US, November 2013)


The Gilded Engine (self-released, November 2013; FLAC, mp3)

1. Parlour
2. Fur Julius
3. Charcoal On Tide
4. Witches Jelly
5. Liminal
6. Wind Shadow
7. The Unlimited Dream Co.

Compilation of studio tracks recorded during 2010-2013


Hypericum (self-released, October 2012; FLAC, mp3)

1. Landing On Blood
2. Memory Of Wind
3. Klamath
4. The Liminal
5. Water Fissure
6. Black Bonsai
7. Surround Her With Love
8. Love In The Time Of Apocalypse
9. The Unlimited Dream Co.


TLR Live @ COMA 2011 09 19 (COMA Adelaide, July 2013; FLAC, mp3)

1. Part One



Anti-Laptop Music Event I (Pimpmelon Bootlegs, September 2012; cassette, FLAC, mp3)

1. Little-Scale + Reanimatedocean - Untitled
2. Areyfu - Love Song
3. Tristan Louth-Robins - Untitled
4. Dot.AY - Intro
5. Dot.AY - Improv.
6. Dot.AY - Untitled
7. Dot.AY - Untitled II
8. Dot.AY - Untitled III (Partial)



Before & After Sleep (self-released, January 2010; CDr, FLAC, mp3)

1. Enlaced
2. Spool
3. Isar
4. Distortion
5. Vaulted
6. Mother Night
7. Flanko 2

Compilation of studio tracks recorded during 2008-2009


Projections Of Loss (self-released EP, June 2010; CDr, FLAC, mp3)

1. Precis
2. Calisiviridae
3. Wind Shadow
4. The Living Room


Panoptique Electrical - Mount Schank (self-released, December 2012; FLAC, mp3)

1. Part 1
2. Part 2
3. Part 3
4. Part 4

Various takes, recordings, sounds and samples made by Jason Sweeney, Zoë Barry, Jed Palmer, Tristan Louth-Robins and Noah Symons.

Jason Sweeney: piano, synthesiser, laptop, electronics, field recordings, production & mixing. Zoë Barry: 'cello, electronics, field recordings. Jed Palmer: guitars, electronics, field recordings. Tristan Louth-Robins: guitars, electronics, laptop, field recordings. Noah Symons: drums, percussion.


Asleep on red earth, under bright stars. (Kaldor Public Art Projects, May 2011; FLAC, mp3)

A compilation of tracks from Australian and International artists drawing inspiration from the Australian outback and American sound artist Stephen Vitiello's 2010 project/installation/performance, The Sound of Red Earth.

"Memory of Wind" composed and recorded by TLR during September 2010 in Adelaide, Australia.

1. Julian Day - Emu Creek
2. Tristan Louth-Robins - Memory of Wind
3. Robert Curgenven - Looking for Narratives on Small Islands
4. Simon Scott - On Old Hunstanton Beach, UK
5. Alessio Ballerini - I Dream the Red Earth
6. Panoptique Electrical - Soon All This Will Be Picturesque Ruins
7. Kate Carr - I Used to Live Near the Cooks River
8. Cimarron Corpe - Liminal Phase
9. Mike Cooper - Birds, Barks and Billabongs (with apology to Philip Jones)
10. Marisa Allen - Sitting in The Dunes
11. Kompost - Kaamp

Curated by Lawrence English & Stephen Vitiello, Concept/ Project Management by The Nest.

Free download at


New Weird Australia Volume 4 (NWA, January 2010; mp3)

"The Surveyor" composed and recorded by TLR during September/October 2009 in Adelaide, Australia.

1. Textile Audio - Some Kind Of Mininova
2. Paint Your Golden Face - Television Is About Picture
3. Reunion Sacred Ibis - Sing It To The Mountains
4. Tantrums - Beat The Happy Pavement
5. Scattered Order Mk 1 - Ruined By Me
6. Alistair Spence Trio - Two Halves Of The Moon
7. Scissor Lock - Codify
8. Gutter Parties - Sashi
9. No Zu - Lay Of The Land
10. The Townhouses - Jigsaws Under The Clouds
11. Seaworthy - They're Cicadas You Know?
12. Gentleforce - Our Last Day Together
13. Gold Tango - Telescope
14. Alpen - A Meditation On Flight
15. red_robin (aka Tristan Louth-Robins) - The Surveyor
16. Automating - When Use Becomes Abuse
17. Silver Bullitin - Minding Time

Free download at New Weird Australia


Tristan Louth-Robins & little-scale - Improvisation with Field Recordings Vol.1 (self-released, April 2010; mp3)

A one-hour improvisation by TLR and little-scale with material derived from field recordings made in their respective backyards.

Composed and recorded by Tristan Louth-Robins and Sebastian Tomczak during at evening in April at the Electronic Music Unit, University of Adelaide, Australia.

Cover photograph by Sebastian Tomczak

Free download at

e-mail: tristanlouthrobins[at]gmail[dot]com